Everything Rests have put out another song from the upcoming EP “Hang Tight” set for release in August. 

for more info on the band see the last post about them in the archive at the beginning of july

alternatively, just go to their facebook coz all that shit will be on there anyway :): http://www.facebook.com/everythingrests

Brutality Will Prevail + Support - The Grosvenor, Stockwell, 15th July 2012.

A pleasant late afternoon/evening in Stockwell, South London played host to Brutality Will Prevail’s headline show at The Grosvener. This show was scheduled to take place last year but BWP pulled out for undisclosed hangoverl related reasons. However the remaining line up played plus the addition of Cornered who ended up headlining the evening as I have been informed by those who went.

On this occasion the National Rail transport system failed me again and my arrival to the venue was rather late,as a result of this I missed Bleak Reality which is unfortunate as they are my favourite Nottingham Hardcore band with a harsh sound not dissimilar to Trapped Under Ice and Bitter End but with sufficiently melodic riffs and catchy gang vocals which ensure a good show for all. My epic odyssey through half of London and through some very gritty derelict estates in Stockwell and Lambeth meant I missed both Wayfarer and Natural Order. My knowledge of these two bands could be written on the back of a postage stamp but I was told that they performed well and despite the only real activity in the pit being from a select few, the atmosphere was that of anticipation and excitement for the following bands and of course the Cardiff City Kings themselves; Brutality Will Prevail.

There was and is some level of ambiguity towards the non-existence of Crossbreaker’s set but my friend Niall informed me that the vocalist had told the promoter Natalie that they weren’t going to be playing the show.

Next on the bill were A Long Time Dead whose set was the first of the evening to invoke real activity in the pit. Despite trying to avoid drawing obvious similarities with Rolo Tomassi on a purely superficial level on account of the vocalist being a bob-cut female, there are obvious correlations between the two bands. A Long Time Dead are much, much heavier and the venom-spat lyrics of the singer were nothing short of awesome. With beatdowns worthy of a 12Bar Rucktion show and gutteral vocals which put many vocalists to shame this band are definitely one to watch and their fusion of metal, aggressive hardcore and more technical mathy instrumentals is a force to be reckoned with.

Next on were Nottingham’s Think Twice who added stark contrast to the evening with their 90’s-esque brand of hardcore punk. As they took to the stage there was a sea of air max wearing youths who approached the stage and were soon kicked into finger pointing, lyric shouting action. Their intro brought with it an enormous side-to-side in which the entire venure was rocked. As the first lyrics were sung a swarm of fans encircled the vocalist and helped him out with every word. This band obviously captivated their fans and it was easy to see why. Their tight guitars and lightning fast vocals sounded incredible live and the crowd lost their mind. Think Twice give off the aura of an early Kids Like Us or Stick Together where there really is a sense of there not being a boundary between crowd and band and despite the angst fuelled lyrical content this band were very positive and a good time was had by all.

Abolition took to the stage. The entire London Straight Edge contingent stepped forward to see clearly their favourite band. With ex-members of IronxCurtain, Abolition definitely had the backing of the London crowd who flocked to the stage when their vocalist made various statements on a criminal injustice, racism in the UK and in fact the appraisal of Natalie Bostock for putting on this show. These speeches recieved hearty applause. The band’s performance was nothing short of impeccable and their brand of abrasive hardcore went down a treat. The truly harsh vocals were the highlight of the set and this band are definitely one to watch. They are leading the way for London Straight Edge and London in general and their success should continue to grow much like their committed fan base.

Up next were London’s metallic hardcore bastions Prowler. This band never fail to impress and their appearance was somewhat casual as tracksuits were the main component of their wardrobe which was a comic topic in itself as they commented on their lack of trendy Supreme 5 Panels and skinny jeans. Despite not appealling to the demographic entirely, this band drew a big crowd and some ruthless moshing in which grown men spin kicked mere mortals into the distance with ease. Prowler, fronted by charismatic Nathan, injected the crowd with an energy unseen by any earlier band. Their destructive riffs and sinsiterly violent vocals completed their almost perfect set.

There was an air of anticipation as whispers of Brutality Will Prevail’s presence were affirmed as their tour bus arrived and out spilled a jaded looking bunch of band members and crew who were of course met by a smattering of fans keen to show interest much at the weariness of the band who were obviously eager to taker to the stage. When they did finally start they made apologies for their lateness and after a short hiatus whilst sound was sorted and joikes were made, the band played their intro: Davidian, a Machine Head which did actually go down well despite the semi-serious sub text. They then proceeded to smash the set as kids flew across the room and were utterly transfixed by AJ, the vocalist, who has an immense presence on stage all the while fending off mic grabbers and mis-directed two steppers. The two best songs of the set in my view were ‘Sleep Paralysis’ and ‘Trapped Doors Moving Walls’, both of which got an excellent reception and saw a tirade of fans flocking to toward the stage. All in all the Cardiff boys smashed it and more than made up for their no-show at the preceding event last year. People enjoyed all of the bands but Brutality Will Prevail obviously attracted the most fans.

A massive thanks to Natalie for putting on such a diverse set.

In conclusion this was a great show.

By Theo Freedman

New melodic hardcore band, Everything Rests, have just put out their first single, from their EP ‘Hang Tight’ set for release in August. 

The EP shows a lot of the band’s influences, such as Last Witness, Heart in Hand and The Ghost Inside. 

Hailing from Bucks and Herts, Everything Rests are ready to play mad hardcore and fuck up your shit. 

Incidentally, the guitarist is also Matt, the contributor for YPCC ;) 

check it out, I know you’ll love it ;) 


Musical stuff I do!

If you have any interest in my blog, you’ll probably know that music is the only thing I actually do with my life, so I thought I’d do a big ol’ post with some of the stuff I’m involved with.


Siqqed is the blanket name I produce any electronic music and any mixes under, I did an EP of xx remixes last year:

I’ve also recently remixed Bon Iver (the video above), and started work on an original electronic EP, for release later this summer, most of the tunes follow a kind of ambient-y, beat-focused vibe, I try not to get tied into one style or genre, because I always get bored of it.

First track off newest Siqqed EP

I also make mixes which I put up for 320 download if I like them enough, and most things on my soundcloud are up for free download.

Flat Party

Flat Party is the other main thing I do at the moment, it started as a project at uni, which ended up in a 9 track EP thing. I play a mixture of acoustic/emo/screamo/pop punk, it’s kinda hard to explain but if you listen you’ll understand, it’s really lofi because I’m not great at recording, but I play/program every instrument myself and sing/scream, so it’s a real one man project.

It Came From Out Of Place EP

If you download that EP (for free by the way) you get three covers that I recorded as well, that aren’t available online!

I’m currently working on a follow up to that EP, with a shorter release that will hopefully be finished by the september, some tunes have already been released from it:

All my Flat Party music is on the bandcamp for free download, and I also have a facebook page too!



Other things

Although those two names make up most of my musical life at the moment, I am involved in some other things. Me and my friend Francesco are working on a short hip-hop release, based around old school samples. It’s called Joint Manoeuvre, and the first tune got quite a lot of love when we uploaded it a few months ago:

And I’m also in the long process of putting together a couple bands, NTBVRD are a death metal / hardcore band I have planned with my best friend, I want to be in an emo/twinkly band, and I’m supposed to be in some punk rock band too. Last year I wrote the soundtrack for the video game Ninjammin Beat Jitsu, now on the appstore and android, which was a whole load of fun.

Work is taking up a lot of my time at the moment, and I’m finding myself lacking inspiration when I’m at home, and craving sleep or relaxation instead, however, slowly but surely I’m writing and recorded more and more music, a lot of it is garbage, but some of it sounds decent, and when it does I normally stick it online with a free download, so please check out my stuff if you have the time, download something, have a listen, whatever, and if you enjoy it, follow me, or let me know, or reblog this post!







"Crucial Dudes" announce breakup and cancel full US Tour in July


We here at Soundlapse unfortunately bring you news of punk band “Crucial Dudes” announcing the end to an incredible 5 year run. With the break up, their full US tour has been CANCELLED. Sorry to hear that guys. Below is what the band had to say-  


As much as this pains us to say, we have to cancel our entire U.S. tour for the month of July. A member of the band informed us today (6 days before the tour begins) that he wouldn’t be able to do it with us. We didn’t want to go out without them and feel as if we were playing half assed shows throughout the whole tour. Nobody is or ever could be as bummed out about this as much as we are. We want to say thank you and also apologize to everyone who has helped us put this tour together. With that being said, we will no longer continue as a band. Thanks for all your love and support over the last 5 years. Rest In Shit.”

- Crucial Dudes

So it’s been a while, but I’m never one to bash free music, also this music is good which is always a bonus.
Their facebook says “Siberian Islands is a German two-piece electronica outfit. They combine retro sounds with ambient, 8-bit tunes, breakbeat and the use of real instruments.” And that pretty much covers it, it’s light and ambient at times, but gets more intense and dancy in other bits. Really interesting to listen to, I’d say give it a go if you’re into any electronica, or enjoy ambient music in any form!
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So it’s been a while, but I’m never one to bash free music, also this music is good which is always a bonus.

Their facebook saysSiberian Islands is a German two-piece electronica outfit. They combine retro sounds with ambient, 8-bit tunes, breakbeat and the use of real instruments.” And that pretty much covers it, it’s light and ambient at times, but gets more intense and dancy in other bits. Really interesting to listen to, I’d say give it a go if you’re into any electronica, or enjoy ambient music in any form!